Nonprofit Board Application Security on All Stages – 6 Key Rules

Applications for the management of companies allow you to speed up and optimize the work of managers. With their help, you can share files, hold meetings, sign important documents, and process certain documents together. However, an important question worries many – how to achieve a high level of security in this matter?

Security in cloud storage is always the area of ​​competence of both parties. There are things for which the service provider is always responsible; there are things for which the client is responsible. Several points may lie with both the service provider and the user. It depends on the service model: IaaS (service is infrastructure), PaaS (service is platform), and SaaS (service is software). Typically, management applications fall into the third model.

The following six tips will help you secure your cloud storage and do your best.

Proper account policy management

It is best in a large company to work not with individual IAM elements but with groups, each of which is given its role in the project. You don’t need to give too many rights to groups – open them only those opportunities that are necessary for their work. This is especially true for groups with access to at least part of the data or API. When setting up authentication, make it more complex as the group’s access to sensitive information increases.

Segment items with high importance

Critical sections of your project should be placed separately from each other in different logically isolated storage areas. This will allow you to be sure of their safety. Dedicated channels, virtual networks, and gateways will help you in this matter.

Pay attention to messages from the service provider

The management platform you use is undoubtedly changing – there are new rules and security patterns. Stay tuned, and read messages from your provider. The services also audit your security, reporting possible problems with it.

Use a next-generation firewall

This is especially true if your chosen management service is cloud-based. A properly configured firewall will control traffic (both incoming and outgoing) and respond to traffic changes.

Choose services with strong encryption

The security of your data depends mainly on how the service you choose will encrypt data at all levels of its transmission. Everything should be encrypted: data exchange and file resources. If you have incorrectly configured segments in storage, the current security system should notify you about this and offer a fix.

Conduct threat intelligence

Management services collect a lot of data about configurations, asset management, threats, vulnerabilities, etc. You will receive security reports from time to time. They are definitely worth paying close attention to. Ideally, your company’s information security department should review these reports.

Thanks to the analysis of threats and vulnerabilities, you can avoid data loss and correct incorrect processes in the storage.

Also, artificial intelligence integrated into many services comes to the rescue in this matter. It helps to audit threats and informs the administrator of the management portal about it.

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